Make Thanksgiving meaningful again

With cousins, nieces, nephews showing up - not to mention your own kids - hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming when trying to think of activities to keep kids busy at family gatherings. Here are some tips to keeps kids entertained on Thanksgiving:

Combine holiday decorating with expressions of thankfulness. Use construction paper to make leaves and pumpkins. Have kids write on each something they are thankful for. Place one at each setting for adults to read.

Thanksgiving dinner time theatre. Have some old clothes and costumes on hand and have all the children come up with a play they can share with the family at dinner.

Create a blessing basket. Have kids visit a website like where Christian Children's Fund of Canada, an international children's charity offers a number of instant donation options for families in the developing world. Have kids print out pictures of the gift they want to send to a child-in-need - maybe a new soccer ball? A piglet? What about a goat? Have adults 'vote' for their choice by dropping change into the blessing basket of their choice. It is a fun activity for kids and meaningful for your family.