You, your children and your home

Hunter DouglasChild safety is a topic that will always remain a high priority, particularly for those who have recently welcomed a child into their home.

One of the most overlooked areas in a home interior is the window – whether open or closed, windows are a potential hazard to the safety and well-being of toddlers and young children.

Hunter Douglas, the nation's leading manufacturer of custom window fashions, developed the following true or false quiz to raise consumer awareness on child safety:

1. Window screens provide adequate protection against falls.

FALSE: Screens are designed to keep bugs out, not children in. Install locks on all windows, even those on the ground floor.

2. Cordless window fashions help prevent a potential hazard.

TRUE: Hunter Douglas has developed the LiteRise system that eliminates potentially dangerous operating cords, and raises and lowers the window fashions with a gentle touch on the bottom rail, available on products such as Duette honeycomb shades and Vignette Modern Roman Shades.

3. Doors can also be a hazard to small children.

TRUE: Small fingers can be caught and even amputated if caught in closing doors or hinges. Foam guards can be installed to prevent this.

4. Crib toys strung across the crib or playpen should be removed when the child is about a year old.

FALSE: Once a baby is able to push up on his hands or knees – usually around five months – the cord used to fasten the toys can pose a danger.

5. Crib slats should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart.

TRUE: Also avoid decorative cutouts that might trap little heads.

6. Parents should put electric socket covers over all outlets.

TRUE: There are a number of easy-to-install socket covers on the market that keep small fingers out of dangerous outlets.

Additional child safety tips and relevant product information is available online at or toll-free at 1-800-265-8000.