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Kids ScienceIf you are under 25 years old, please have an adult supervise your projects and experiments.

6 weird
6 weird science experiments. With just a few items nearly everyone can find at home, you can do amazing science experiments. Get set for fun and learn a little science? Boys' Life.
40 experiments
40 Cool Science Experiments on the Web. Looking for authentic science demonstrations that will awe and inspire your students? Look no further than YouTube. Scholastic.
Balloon-Powered Car
Air pressure powers a homemade racer across the floor. Steve Spangler Science.
Battery-Operated Model Car
With a few battery-powered cars, kids can do a lot of activities to learn about science. MathLab
Candy Hearts
Dissolving Candy Hearts Experiment - the most important parts of Valentine’s Day. Lemon Lime Adventures.
Downhill Race
Two cylinders that look the same may roll down a hill at different rates. Exploratorium Teacher Institute.
Inclined Plane
An inclined plane is a simple machine. It is a flat surface that is higher on one end. You can use this machine to move an object to a lower or higher place.
Elementary exploration. Simple Machine. Lever. PDF.
Magnetic Car
How to make a matchbox car and then use it to test the repelling force of magnets. Discover Primary Science.
Marble Powered Race Cars
The goal is to design a car that will go the farthest when powered by a marble that travels down a ramp and pushes the car across a flat surface. Kids Fun Science
Pinball Wizard
Make a pinball machine that can shoot a marble and send it zigzagging down an obstacle course. Age Range: 6-10. PBS Parents.
Pop Fly
It’s football with a twist. Invent a way to send a Ping-Pong ball flying high enough to catch it. Take some paint stirrers, a wooden spool, and tape. Ready, set, launch!
Ramps and Friction
A fun way to introduce friction, ramps, and angles to kids. Pre-K Pages.
Ramp or Inclined Plane
Let's investigate the advantages of using an inclined plane. University of Utah
Rubber Band Racers
Students construct rubber band powered cars from everyday materials. TryEngineering.
Simple Machines
Simple machines with examples PDF.
Tie-Dyed Milk
Liquids like water and milk have a property known as surface tension, due to the cohesive forces of the liquid's molecules. Cool Science.

Thank You

A special thank you to Courtney Phillips and her class, Sara Collins and her class mates, Katie Vogel and Ashton for suggestion some of the above resources. Photo courtesy Gulliver Academy

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