Add a Dance Studio or Instructor

Inclusion on this list does not imply the studio or instructor has been approved, endorsed or checked by in any way whatsoever.

If you would like your Alberta studio to be added to this free dance list, please email us with the following information:

  • Name of Studio - the business name of your studio or name of instructor.
  • Address - street address or location of facility where you teach.
  • City or Town - Where your studio is located.
  • Description - very brief description of type of dances you teach. i.e. Hip Hop, Ballroom, Tap.
  • Website URL - how can we link to your web site.

Guidelines for your listing:

  • We do not include listings that have no website.
  • Your website must be in English or French or both.
  • Please include whether you have children's, teen classes.
  • Don't use abbreviations. Is LA, Los Angeles, California or Leduc, Alberta?
  • Do not CAPITALIZE words. We like to cut and paste from emails.
    • A good email format for us is similar to this:
    • Addington School of Irish Dance - #205, 4104A 97 Street, Edmonton, Alberta. Irish Dance classes to all levels, age 4 & up.
  • You may include a phone number or email addresses in listings.
  • It may take 1 to 2 days for your listing to be approved and added to our site.
  • We visit all web sites before adding your listing.
  • Send an email to and set the subject to New Dance Studio Listing (to avoid our spam filters).
  • We prefer plain text emails. No attachments.
  • We do verify URLs from time to time. If we have removed your site, make sure the website is active and the URL is correct. Some of those fancy URL redirection scripts fail in our URL checker. Send us the link to the new website.

Linking to our site:

  • You do not have to link to our site. Your studio listing, if approved, will be permanent, whether you link to us or not. But we do appreciate it if you want to link to our site.
  • Linking to our site will not guarantee approval or speed up approval time.
  • You may link to any page of our site.
  • If you want to link to our home page, you may use the link below or modify the description to suit your site.
    • – Edmonton events for ekids. Fun activities, things to see and do in Edmonton and surrounding area.
    • <a href=""></a> – Edmonton events  for ekids. Fun activities, things to see and do in Edmonton, Calgary and Alberta.

Free listing:

  • We are providing dance studio listings for the benefit of our visitors.

Paid advertising:

  • At the present time, we have no internal advertising program. Google Adsense provides advertising on some pages.